Tim Ray Agitated Cat Music

About the Agitated Cat
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Agitated Cat Music is named after Sedona, who almost curtailed my career in music. She would come out of her various hiding places throughout the house whenever I would begin practicing. She would proceed to pace furiously alongside the piano, and start meowling and caterwauling in a tone that suggested she was in a great deal of pain. (If I locked her out of the practice room, she would start slamming her entire body against the door.) Eventually, she would leap up onto the piano, and pace and holler some more, looking me directly in the face in an attempt to get me to stop. If I continued practicing, she would as a last resort reach over and bite me on the cheek, holding on firmly and growling until I would finally give up.

I miss Sedona - practicing just hasn't been the same since then.
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